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Weighing equipment is often known as the cash register of your business. A quality scale is a piece of must-have equipment in every part of the Cannabis Industry.

Dispensaries will need a legal for trade scale to sell cannabis products.  Also, the legal for trade scale has to be NTEP approved and certified.  Unless you live in one of the four states that do not require NTEP approval; North Dakota, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont, if you live in one of these states, please check for specific state regulations.

Medical Marijuana Growers may want to purchase a few different types of scales, some that are higher precision for tracking product yield and a legal for trade, NTEP approved for selling their product. An industrial scale like our ZK830 would work well for these businesses.

Medical Marijuana Processors need precision scales, and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified scales.

Lambert Brown Scales offers Point of Sale (POS) scales with single indicating and dual indicating solutions that communicate directly with the POS system. We also provide Auxiliary Display, Security Device, RS232 Interface Kit, printers, and labels. 

Buying a Commercial Scale from the Internet? Tips before you buy

Check out our cannabis Botanicals Market Brochure by Ohaus.

Cannabis Scales Recommendation

The A&D EK-1200i is a Legal for Trade, NTEP Approved Compact Balance and categorized as Class II.  The large LCD  (16mm height) with backlight – Easy to read even at a wide viewing angle or dark environment. This scale is our #1 pick for Cannabis Dispensaries. We usually have this scale in stock. Call for best pricing.

EK-1200i  1200 g x 0.1 g (NTEP)

The FX-Series 300i  is a  class II precision balance scale that combines all of the essential weighing functions in a compact, light-weight package. High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilization. Includes Draft Shield and Usually compatible with most POS.  We usually have this scale in stock.



A&D FX-300iN FX-Series 320 g x 0.01 g (NTEP) with Breeze Break

The Ranger 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications. User-friendly scale with easy setup to ensure efficiency in the workplace: Largest Display, Rapid Stabilization, Weigh Below Hook Capability, and Standard Connectivity with Flexible Options.

This is our number 1 pick for Cannabis Growers. We usually have this scale in stock. Call for best pricing.

 Ranger 3000 15 lb x 0.005 lb and 6 lb x 0.002lb

The Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK830 combines exceptional accuracy, reliability, and sturdiness in a single design. Programmed with multiple applications, the ZK830 can maximize operator efficiency in many different industrial environments, from counting and checkweighing to general high resolution weighing tasks. The ZK830 is available with a wide range of capacities from 1 lb up to 175 lb (500g to 80kg) - meeting most application requirements. They are designed to work in industrial working areas where other balances can’t function, making the ZK830 the perfect scale for the cannabis growers. Legal for Trade NTEP, Class III 10,000d 

ZK830 10 lb x 0.0001 lb; 5000 g x 0.05 g

ZK830  1 lb - 175 lbs x 0.00001 lb - 0.002 lb 

ZK840  1 lb - 175 lbs x 0.00001 lb - 0.002 lb 

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