Cannabis Scales Special

Sale extended through December 31, 2019!

                                                                                              List          Sale

  A&D Everest Series, EK-1200iNTEP Class II                $540.00   $410.00

  1,200 x 0.1 g


  Works with most POS Systems, we recommend checking
  with your
 POS manufacturer for compatibility.

                                                                                              List          Sale

  Ohaus Scout SJX622N/ENTEP Class III                        $820.00   $619.00

  620 g x 0.1 g

  Ohaus Scout SJX1502N/ENTEP Class II                       $954.00   $715.00

  1,500 g x 0.1 g 

  Auxiliary display not included in the above price. $107.00

  Works with some POS Systems, we recommend checking with your POS 
  manufacturer for compatibility. 

                                                                                              List          Sale

  A&D FX-300iN Precision Balance with                           $1,210.00   $909.00

  Breeze Break (3.4" high), NTEP Class II

  320 x 0.01 g

  A&D FX-1200iN Precision Balance                                $1,150.00   $866.00

  1,220 g x 0.1 g, NTEP Class II


  Works with most POS Systems, we recommend checking with your
 manufacturer for compatibility. 

                                                                                              List          Sale

  Ohaus Ranger 3000, R31P3, NTEP Class III                   $626.00   $514.00

  6 lb x 0.002 lb

  Ohaus Ranger 3000, R31P6, NTEP Class III                   $626.00   $514.00

  15 lb x 0.005 lb


  This scale is great for growers.

                                                                                              List          Sale

  AWT ZK Series, ZK830-0912-005, NTEP Class III        $1,775.00    Call Us

  5 lb x 0.0005 lb

  AWT ZK Series, ZK830-0912-010, NTEP Class III        $1,700.00    Call Us

  10 lb x 0.001 lb


  Also available in 20 lb, 50 lb, & 70 lb. Prices may vary.

  1,100% overload protection

                                                                                              List          Sale

  Ohaus Defender 5000 Washdown, D52XW2WQS5      $1,500.00   $1,200.00

   5 lb x 0.001 lb, NTEP Class III

  Ohaus Defender 5000 Washdown, D52XW5WQS5      $1,500.00   $1,200.00

  10 lb x 0.002 lb, NTEP Class III



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Add only applicable sales tax and shipping. We are licensed in the state of Oklahoma to certify your scale. This includes calibration with a seal, Legal for Trade calibration sticker, and Placing in Service with the Oklahoma Department of Ag.  Please ask for details when you call to place your order. Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge.  Prices good through December 31, 2019.

Return Policy: We will issue a refund/credit if you are not satisfied with your purchase and notify us within
10 days of product receipt. Product must be returned in the original packaging and in like new saleable
condition. Returned product is subject to a 25% restocking charge; excluding custom systems (i.e. Truck
scales, rail scales, software), freight, installation, and credit card fees.