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Truck Scales

Our truck scales weigh trucks and other vehicles dependably and accurately, even in tough industrial environments. They are manufactured to last with a rugged design, robust weight sensors and come in either steel or concrete to suit your application.  

Our truck scales can be paired with a range of indicators, software, and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution. 

BMC HD Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The BMC HD is a heavy duty, concrete deck truck scale for vehicle weighing that provides a driving surface with improved traction corrosion resistance

BMS HD Heavy Duty Steel Truck Scale

The BMS HD heavy duty steel deck truck scale is ideal for customers that require long-lasting performance.

BMS SD Steel Deck Truck Scale

The BMS SD steel deck truck scale is for applications with moderate traffic and axle loads up to highway limits.

Bridgemont BMS-P Truck Scale

A robust portable truck scale for immediate on-site truck weighing.

LP8 Low Profile Truck Scale

The BM LP8 Low Profile Truck Scale is an ideal replacement scale for worn out scales on existing foundations.

Steelbridge IMXT-P Truck Scale

A robust portable truck scale  that will go anywhere there is an immediate need for on-site truck weighing — mining and timber operations, road construction, asphalt facilities, quarries or construction sites. They can also quickly fill the gap when other scales fail.

Steelbridge XT Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The Steelbridge XT is a premium heavy duty concrete deck truck scale for heavy loads and high traffic.

Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale

The Steelbridge IMXT heavy duty steel deck truck scale is ideal for customers that require long-lasting performance for heavy axle loads.

Guardian Hydraulic Concrete Deck Truck Scales

Features Impervious American-made stainless steel Guardian Hydraulic Load cells which are protected against lightning strikes and water damage, no-bolt deck assembly, shot-blasted baked epoxyde polyester painted weighbridge modules, backup sheeting and deck reinforcing steel ready for concrete poured on site. Wide selection of lengths, capacities and types. NTEP legal-for-trade.

Harvester Precast Concrete

The Harvester series precast concrete scales offer an economical approach to truck weighing for farms. The Harvester is fully-electronic truck scale featuring factory-poured concrete decks for above-ground, low profile weighing. Incorporating the latest in extremely-durable concrete composition with high-tensile strength and optimal deck weight, the Harvester in designed for farms with less than 3,000 acres.

EPR Electronic - Steel and Concrete Decks

The ARMOR Series Models Feature USA-made stainless steel double ended shear beam load cells, load cell stands, foundation kits, Suspension parts, no-bolt powder-painted weighbridge modules and environmentally sealed junction boxes. Available in Steel or Concrete decks.

Scrapper Recycling and Scape Industry Truck Scale

Scrapper series truck scales are engineered for scrap yards.

SnapStream Wireless Systems

SnapStream is a fully-integrated NTEP legal-for-trade wireless scale system for commercial applications. It’s completely proprietary to Cardinal Scale and offers a number of competitive advantages for new or pre-existing scale installations. In brief, SnapStream allows a scale to send weight data wirelessly to an indicator and the indicator in turn to send that data wirelessly to a host of peripheral equipment such as remote displays, printers, PC’s and networks. SnapStream is a digitally-controlled weighing and diagnostic system designed utilizing 802.15.4 Zigbee protocol for reliable and accurate weight and data transmission. SnapStream may be used with model 205, 210, and 225 weight indicators, where scale diagnostics can be viewed directly on the indicator.

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