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Load Cells and Weigh Bars

Load cells convert force into an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. They are an essential component of many types of weighing systems.  From powerful aluminum alloy electronic load cells to durable stainless steel load cells, each model is available in a range of capacities. 

BWB Batching Weigh Bars

The BWB is a full bridge, single ended cantilever-type Weigh Bar for bin, tank and hopper weighing. It is trade approved and accurate to 5,000 divisions.

BSS Batching Weigh Bars

The BSS is a full bridge, single-ended cantilever type stainless steel Weigh Bar.  The BSS features a self-leveling chain link design, making it ideal for hoppers and silos, where vibration and off-center loading can be a problem. The chain link assemblies are also fully washdown protected, for food and chemical applications.

220 Tank Mount Load Cell Assembly

The 220 tank mount is a heavy duty, highly accurate compression load cell. The 220 is specifically designed for the support of tanks, silos, and hoppers. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor process control applications when high accuracy weighing is required.

DEBWB Double Ended Batching Weigh Bars

The DEBWB is a double ended batching Weigh Bar mounted in a bracket assembly. It is not trade approved and is accurate to 0.25% of load.

HSWB Weigh Bar

The HSWB is a double ended batching Weigh Bar mounted in a bracket assembly. It is not trade approved and is accurate to 0.25% of load. Batching Weigh Bars convert your bin, tank or hopper into accurate, dependable scales with minimal interruption to your operations. 

ITA Weighing Assembly

The ITA’s durable, stainless steel welded construction prevents intrusion from moisture or chemicals, providing years of service in the most severe environments. Integral to the ITA design is its uplift restraint and side load protection which eliminates the need for check rods or stabilizing hardware in most applications.

LPBWB Batching Weigh Bar

The LPBWB is a full bridge, singled ended Weigh Bar, designed for applications with minimal space for the weight sensor. It is fabricated from aircraft-quality steel alloy and carbon steel and finished with epoxy paint to ensure longevity even in hostile environments.

Weigh Bar

The Weigh Bar is a rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells. The unique design provides inherent strength and overload protection. Ideal for truck scales, floor scales, bin, hopper and tank weighing.

AG Bar Shear Beam

AG Load Cells are designed especially for the agricultural industry. American made with a durable alloy steel, polyurethane sheathed cables, and potted sealed strain gauges protected by steel shroud these cells can stand up against rain, snow, dust, mud or anything else mother nature can dish out. 

CenterPoint Shear Beam

CenterPoint stainless steel load cells are double-ended shear beam cells with center load design. They are available in three or four legged CenterPoint mounting assemblies with mild or stainless steel stands and self-checking sliding pin design. The CenterPoint load cell kits are perfect for mixing, blending, batching, inventory control, and general weighing

Compression Load Cell

These American-made heavy-capacity compression load cells are ideal for multiple load cell applications including truck scales, railroad track scales, and heavy-duty tank weighing systems. Load cells are fabricated from stainless steel to provide the ultimate in protection when caustic, corrosive or wet environments are encountered.


Compact CBC series compression load cells are ideal for multiple load cell weighing applications such as truck scales and heavy-duty tank weighing systems. They feature anti-rotation pivot inserts and come in 50,000-lb/22,500-kg and 75,000-lb/34,000-kg capacities. These load cells are fabricated from stainless steel to provide the ultimate in protection when caustic, corrosive or wet environments are encountered. 

Double-Ended Shear Beam

DB series double-ended, shear beam load cells are constructed from stainless steel and environmentally sealed for absolute water protection, providing protection against corrosive, caustic and wet environments. They are ideal for multiple load cell applications such as  truck scales and heavy duty weighing systems. Each cell is furnished with 10 m of integral multi-conductor cable secured by a strain relief seal.

GTSC Hydraulic

These retrofit kits permit various truck scales to be upgraded using hydraulic load cells. Kit includes model SST hydraulic load cells, model GHT hydraulic totalizer, copper tubing to place totalizer up to 20 feet from edge of deck, base plates, leveling bolts, anchor bolts, load buttons, load plates, and accessory kit. Hydraulic load cells are the longest lasting load cells on the market and are impervious to many of the issues that affect standard analog load cells

Shear Beam

SB shear beam load cells promote a variety of applications, such as low-profile platform scales, tank and hopper weighing, and other process control systems. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel, these load cells offers strength and protection from caustic or corrosive environments. Provided with the load cell are mounting holes for securing the cell, and a 6 m integral multiconductor-shielded cable secured by a compression strain relief seal. These cells are welded closed, providing superior waterproofing, while remaining flexible over the life of the load cell.

Single Point

SP single point load cells are designed for light to medium capacity weighing operations such as bench or counter scales. The SP models 6L through 100L are fabricated from aircraft-quality aluminum and feature standard measurement threads; while the SP models 200LM through 1000LM are fabricated from stainless steel and feature metric threads. The load cell can be mounted directly to the weighing platform, thereby eliminating flexures, pivots, bearings and mechanical levers. Includes 7-ft-long integral multiconductor cable secured by a strain relief seal.

Tension, Stainless Steel

The stainless steel tension load cells are ideally suited for single or multiple load cell tension applications. Simplicity of design permits their use in a wide variety of configurations. The ZX250, 500 and 1000 load cells are potted with a proprietary waterproof sealant that remains flexible over the life of the load cell and protects the load cell strain gages over a broad temperature range. Load cells ZX-2500 and up have the gage cavity sealed by a welded stainless steel cup. Metric threads are available on most models. Available capacities range from 250 lb / 113 kg to 20,000 lb / 9072 kg.

BSA Series

The BSA Shear Beam Load Cell is made of nickel plated tool steel and environmentally sealed. Available in 1 klb up to 10 klb versions. Use in floor scales, tank scales, process control, and hopper scales. 

SBA Series

The SBA Tension/Compression Load Cell is Load Cell is made of nickel plated tool steel and environmentally sealed. Available in 50 lb up to 20 klb versions. Use in tank scales, hopper scales, process control, and mechanical scale conversions. NTEP / OIML approved

BCM Series

The BCM Single Point Load Cell is made of Aluminum alloy construction and is compatible with other sources. Available in 50 kgf (100 lb) up to 500 kgf (1000 lb) versions. Use in bench scales, platform scales, and check weighing systems.

Radiolink Plus

Capable of both weighing and dynamic load monitoring the latest Radiolink Plus wireless dynamometer is constructed of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and features an advanced internal design structure. 


ATEX Wireless Shackle Load Cell

Wireless Loadshackle provides the perfect solution to limited headroom applications. Wireless Loadshackle is now available ATEX and IECEx approved to Ex ia II T4 Ga for use in zones 0, 1 and 2 hazardous environments (gas and is designed for the on and offshore oil and gas, chemical and other industries with challenging hazardous areas.


Compression Wireless Load Cell

The unique design utilizing double o’ring seals on the loadcell ensures these impressive loadcells are built for use in the harshest industrial environments. Removing the reliability issues with troublesome and hard to maintain cables, large scale weighing projects can now be completed in a fraction of the time previously required. Available in capacities from 5t to 500t


Wireless Low Headroom Link

Low headroom links are designed to provide accurate
measurement of loads in the most challenging applications where headroom restrictions are a major factor. Range from 1 ton to 30 ton.


Stagesafe Load Monitor

We offer a something for all industries. StageSafe is a 3 ton capacity load cell designed exclusively for the entertainment industry. Wireless mode allows simple, cable-free load monitoring and overload protection across the entire rigging setup.