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Postal Scales

We have a variety of weighing scales and systems to enhance efficiency and protect revenues from postal scales to shipping weighing systems. Our postal and parcel scales easily interface with existing shipping, mailing and inventory systems for efficient and accurate processing.

7815 Shipping Scale

This postal scale is highly accurate and legal for trade in the US, allowing you to charge by weight directly from it. It is also switchable between lb/kg for added flexibility.

7815R Shipping Scale

The 7815R shipping scale is suitable for parcels and large packages up to 75kg/150lb. The 7815R parcel scale’s sturdy construction and reliability, with a die cast aluminum base and ABS plastic weight platter, ensure accurate parcel weighing day in, day out.

7820 High Resolution Shipping Scale

It is a highly accurate scale, able to discern differences of 0.01kg / 0.02lb, which allows precise recording and billing. This parcel scale is able to stand up to frequent use in busy mail rooms and postal environments. 

7820B Portable Scale for Shipping and Mailing

The 7820B bench scale was designed specifically for weighing parcels in the shipping and mailing industries. This scale is fully portable, with a convenient handle and long battery life.

7820R Parcel Scale with Remote Display

The 7820R parcel scale is suitable for applications where the parcel weight needs to be seen in a different location than the scale.

7821 High Capacity USB Postal Weight Classifier

The 7821 postal weight classifier is a high capacity postal scale (up to 100 kg / 200lbs) with a compact footprint, to save valuable counter space. This allows you to weigh parcels of almost any size on the same scale, saving time, cost and space.

7824 & 7840 Parcel and Shipping Scales

The 7824 & 7840 are as big as 24 inches, able to handle most large parcels or containers. These bench scales have a high capacity, up to 150kg/300lb and are switchable between lb/kg for added flexibility.

CVC Freestanding Conveyor Scale

Conveyor scale is a freestanding, self-contained and self-powered, flat-belt weighing system that can be incorporated into new or existing production facilities. The scale operates while the conveyor is in motion and is intended for the weighing of individual boxes, cartons, cans or unpackaged products

Weigh Legs Conveyor Scale System

The modular system is designed to turn a conventional conveyor into an in-motion weighing system, adding functionality without adding additional space.

Heavy Duty Pancake Cargo Scale

The pancake scale is a 20,000 lb multi-purpose scale suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Gently sloping ramps on all sides allow easy access by lift truck or hand cart.  This heavy duty scale is extremely portable and easily set up, so there’s no need for a custom pit to mount the scale in.