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Railroad Scale
Railroad Scale

Weight is crucial to cost control and safety in virtually every aspect of the rail industry, from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties. Railroad track scale features a unique weighbridge design that keeps platform traffic from causing lateral forces to be transmitted to the load cell assemblies.  This ultimately helps to keep the weighbridge in the right place and ensures secure, accurate measurements.

Railroad Low Profile

The RLP is a tough and reliable rail scale for the static and dynamic weighing of rail cars. This rail scale is installed above ground, reducing the time and expense of installation compared to traditional deep pit scales. The RLP rail scale is designed to be rugged and reliable, built to both AREMA and Cooper E-80 loading requirements. 

Streamline Bolt-On Train Weighing Transducer System

Bolt-on transducer train weighing system. Fast installation with no need to cut or weld rails. Able to weigh rail cars in motion travelling up to 15 mph, providing an affordable, reliable and OIML compliant solution with accuracy up to ±0.25%.

TSR4000 Train Weight Indicator

The TSR4000 is a highly configurable train weighing indicator, designed for dynamic train weighing. This weight indicator can be used with Weighline and Streamline in-line transducers or traditional load cell rail scales.

Weighline Train and Rail Weighing Scale

Weighline consists of a series of in-line rail transducers and a weight indicator for static and dynamic weighing of rail vehicles. This simple yet effective weighing method takes only a few hours to install, reducing downtime and eliminating the need for long, costly installations.

1310 Programmable Weight Indicator

The 1310 programmable weight indicator and process controller is for applications which need advanced weighing routines and high connectivity. This highly intelligent indicator can monitor up to eight scales simultaneously, both static and in motion, as well connect to existing systems via Ethernet, ProfiBus, DeviceNet, ModBus and a host of other protocols.

LPRA Low-Profile

LPRA low-profile railroad track scales features heavy-duty rugged steel weighbridges

Stainless steel USA-made electronic or hydraulic load cells (hydraulic load cells are

Impervious to lighting and water damage), 20 difference models available, up to 270-ton gross capacities, E-80 Cooper AREMA rating, and accuracy class IIIL legal for trade (NTEP certified)

RSCA Pit Type

The massively constructed, heavy steel weighbridge of RSCA railroad scale is stabilized laterally with check rods and other specially designed restraints. Weighrails are sealed into the platform. Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive dirt, moisture and foreign material from entering the pit, providing this resilient electronic scale accuracy, dependability and exceptionally long life. 

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